I am very excited to be presenting in the Tech Leaders Chat Series hosted by Multitudes

How to Support Yourself & Your Team Through a Layoff

April 3, 2023 4pm PT - 30 min talk, 30 min Q&A

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With layoffs happening across the tech industry, no one is left unscathed. Being laid off comes with immense challenges and deserves the deepest sympathies. Being chosen to stay can also be difficult; this talk is aimed at the leaders who remain in a company after a layoff.

If you’re one of the people still in the organization, you likely have your own feelings about what happened. You also have a team of people who have their own feelings and opinions. On top of that, you still need to deliver work with this new and smaller team. It can be hard to know where to start.

To share advice and learnings, we’re fortunate to be hearing from Kendra Curtis (previously at Google and Cockroach Labs). Kendra has led engineering teams through both the 2000 and 2008 recessions and has written a great article on leading through a layoff. This talk will dive into topics including how to:

Give yourself and your team space to grieve Rebuild morale in the new team structure Prioritize where to focus with a smaller group of people Plan for and communicate what’s ahead for the team

Here is the content of this talk is based on the article How to Weather the Storm of Tech Layoffs by Managing to Scale by Kendra Curtis

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